B Evans Music

After years and years of his father begging him to learn piano, Brandon finally gave in and took up learning in 2002. With a strong musical background, adding another instrument couldn’t hurt anything (LOL). BEvans Music began officially in 2006.  

Birthed from his family-owned music business, Evans Music Productions (est. 1995), Brandon established an avenue to become a mobile piano instructor after his father gave him full reign in elevating the educational sector of their business.  

“I knew I wanted to create something personal and fresh! Many were teaching, but not many were traveling to their students’ homes.”

Over the last 16 years, there has been a multitude of students taught how to not only read music, but also play by ear.

“I didn’t want my students to be a one hit wonder and only good at one skill. Sure, one skill would probably be stronger, but I wanted them to be versed in their musical ability.”

BEvans Music not only provides students with musical foundation, but also stands as a self esteem booster program for those who may want to perform for others, but lack the strength to do so. 

“My main mission in establishing BEvans Music was to help cultivate children in the Gainesville and surrounding areas in the arts. There are many involved in other things, such as sports, but I want to show that there’s longevity in the arts as well. I mean… look at me! A young boy who once started with 3 students and now, 16 years later run a music business that’s flourishing tremendously. I’m grateful for the support over the years and grateful to God for my GIFT!” 




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