Men Alive




Growing up in the small town of Gainesville, Brandon Evans didn’t encounter many African American men in education. With the desire to help steer young men in the community towards living a successful life, Brandon took on a huge task. By becoming an African American male educator, Brandon went to work to inspire, empower and help equip our young men to be successful. Quickly after entering the school system, he noticed that many young men were having disciplinary problems. He decided to step up and mentor many of these guys, teaching the importance of self-respect, having respect for their teachers, and scholastic achievement. This was no easy task. It came with many sleepless nights and working beyond scheduled hours, but Brandon was determined to help change the lives of these young men.

As of August 2018, Brandon was appointed Mentorship Coordinator for the Gainesville City Schools District.  His job is to seek mentors for students and connect them throughout the school system, which includes eight schools.  Under his leadership, there have been many partnerships including Center Point Mentoring, Boys and Girls Club and the Beulah Rucker EMEN Mentoring Program.  Also, he partnered with the Gainesville High School football program and helped create the “Breakfast of Champions” mentorship program, which paired every young man on the team with a mentor. His passion for mentorship has been evident in the years of service to young men, as well as his community as a whole.  He strives to be a beacon of light in our community for any young people he comes into contact with.

What truly sets him apart from others is the fact that he tries to be exactly who God called him to be. He doesn’t compete with anyone. 


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